A dating site is just like a website where we find our suitable life partner or sexual partners. Partnersuche is a German word which has the meaning that to get the partner. The app Gratis Dating app is one of the most popular dating sites. Sometimes we find the partner with whom we spend our leisure time. Someone go for a dating to find out a hobby partner too. For the German-speaking countries, Kwich, Tinder, Lovoo,andBadooare the most well-known dating site.

Dating Sites and Dating Exchange:

In the online dating sites we must provide our age, all information for casual dating,flirting or long term relationship we can face this site. In dating, we search in this site our right one according to the age, place of residence and other things.  The age is much less than the partner exchange. Based on the text questions we can select the partner exchange. It also depends on the internal algorithm. We can pay a high amount for partner exchange.

Marketing Demand:

There are many sites on the internet. Though it is possible but very tough to differentiate between large international providers and regional providers. We also distinguish between the regional and specialized providers. According to the statistics of German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (BITKOM), we see that the 6.8 million German people visit this page in 2006. The number of people increases day by day. We always discuss the company’s turnover. But we see the turnover of this online dating sites is 202.8 million euros. When we choose partners through dating app. All people think that he or she wants life partner or sexual partner. But it may also possible that they are looking for research partners. So they find educated women or men. Here we choose our partner after seeing his/her educational background. In 2008 the scientists of University of Bamberger saw that if daily 30 people visit the online dating, 2/3 among of them are male. The survey fully depends on the basis of our profiles and 1800 telephone interviews.


Most of the German people love the parship. The number of people using its service is increasing day by day. We bring the people near to each other if they have the age difference ranging from 1 to 10, so that they could build up a harmonious partnership. In this site, the chance of this taking place has a very high probability rate.