More people are today comfortable in their sexual orientation than a few years back. Gay dating is almost normal in many countries with the exception of a few. Today gays have their own space to meet and interact as well as forge relationships. It is however important for you to be friends with your partner if your relationship is to last.

Overcome hardships

If you are going through the good times and are really happy, it is important for you to remember that gay dating will also involve several hardships. You need to be able to support each other during this hard period especially if the external forces are working hard to separate you. Not all friends and families understand that gays are people too who need love. They may come hard on your relationship and the only ones who can protect it are the two of you.

Your feelings matter

It is difficult for a friend to disregard your feelings on anything. Even when you are having a fight since gay dating will also have some of those, you need to fight fair and as friends because friends also argue. However, they do it with love and this should be the basis of your relationship.

Enjoy the relationship

When you are in a relationship with someone you think you need to please, you will always feel like it is a hard relationship. However, gay dating between friends means you have no qualms about him seeing you at your worst. You will also be able to laugh more if you enjoy being with the person that being obligated to be in the relationship.

Correct with love

If you mess up, your partner will always correct you with love rather than condemnation. Human beings are very sensitive especially when in a relationship. It does not matter if you are a man and a woman, you will always appreciate when your partner reproaches you with love. Only friends will be able to do this and remain in a relationship.

He is your shoulder to cry on

Sometimes life can be quite hard and you feel like you cannot go on. When gay dating and if the person is your friend, he will be your motivation during the hard times. He will listen to you and even make you see the windows of possibilities which were not visible to you.