Best Practices to Follow for Software Development Projects

Software Development Projects

Many software projects that are launched are not usually successful. Almost 30% of software projects are canned before they start, mostly because of the poor execution, or for being over the budget, late or for having a missing combination.

Popular design software like DesignSpark Mechanical tutorial, RPG Maker MV features, SuperPro Designer software follows effective practices that keep them afloat in the tech market and successful as well. In this article, I have listed the best exercises you can follow to improve the chances of your projects taking off and being successful.

Development process:

It’s essential that you select the best development lifecycle process to the project at hand because all the activities are taken from the process. For most of the modern software development projects, a spiral based method is used for the waterfall process; many choices are inclusive of Rational Unified Process, IBM Global Services Method and Extreme Programming. It’s best to have a set process; this concept is better than not having a process at all. More importance is shed on how well the process is executed rather than what the process is. The standard methodologies that are used are all about guidance and the way you run the process and the templates for artifacts.


It’s essential that you gather and agree on the necessary information for a successful project. This does not imply all the elements that need to be fixed before any architecture, design or coding. It’s essential to understand what needs to be constructed. The quality requirements are split into two kinds, functional and non-functional. A great way to document the exact requirements is by using cases. It’s vital that they have a substantial impact on the application architecture, design and performance.

Architecture- Selecting the right architecture for your application is essential. The tried and true practices are called patterns, and they range from the classic gang of four modes. As mentioned before, many projects fail before they execute the study of these failed patterns and that’s given rise to the concept of anti-patterns. They are valuable because they provide relevant knowledge of what works and why it works.

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Design- Even if you have substantial architecture, it’s still possible that you can have a bad plan. Many applications can be over designed or under designed. The basic principles here are that you keep it simple and be good at information hiding. Reusing your designs is one of the great promises, but it often goes unrealized because of the number of additional efforts you have to put in to create reusable assets. Code reform is one of the many forms of reuse, and other kinds of reuse can provide better productivity gains.

WebSphere application design:

Each project is different, and you must seek out the right consultants that have the right experience to help you out. You can get great Return on Investment if you use the consultants for a short time, this will lead you to save costs in the project.

Construction of code:

Construction of code is only a part of the total project effort but is the part that is more visible. The other work that is equally important is requirements, architecture, analysis, design, and test. The best practice when constructing code is the daily build and smoke test. You can use standard frameworks when automating builds and testing.

Peer Reviews:

It’s important to review other people’s work. When you have enough experience, you can eliminate problems at an earlier stage; this way, the reviews that are received are more effective than testing. Artifacts from the development process are reviewed, and these include plans, requirements, architecture, design, codes and test cases. Peer reviews are of great help when you want to create software projects that are of top quality and high speed.


Testing is not some afterthought when the schedule gets tight. It’s an integral part of the software development process, and it needs to be adequately planned. It’s also essential that the testing is done in advance, that is, the test cases ate scheduled and planes before the coding is set to begin and the test cases get developed while the application is designed and coded.

Successful software design companies like DesignSpark Mechanical tutorial, RPG Maker MV features, SuperPro Designer software are known for following an active process, hence their success in the market.