Recommended Transportation Service for Relocation in Switzerland

Good price, big load, and experience driver

Managing transportation to deliver your stuff into the new place might cause a problem if you handle by yourself. There are various trucking companies available as options. Some of them might not have a competent person to aid you to move the stuff. Like so, you have to dismantle the furniture by yourself. Another problem might arise if you don’t utilize enough tools to rebuild the furniture. And then you have to expendexcess cost just to prepare the tools for this moving purpose.

Nowadays, widmer transports serve for moving purposes. A major factor to be recognized when you need to choose the transportation services are:

Various transportation vehicle option

A trusted transportation company has various types of vehicle and tools to support the process. In Widmer, it has 6 trucks, 1 relocation lift and 2 trailers. This armada would support you to deliver all stuff in a big quantity. The relocation lift would be benefited you to bring the stuff through the window which makes the process from umzugsfirma bern is very efficient.

Wide loading area

The wider space of loading area, the easier the process of moving. Professional furniture packer manages to load the materials into 20 m3 loading area. The special skill required ensuring all the materials stacked in a proper manner to prevent any damage during transportation.

Inclusive of dismantle and rebuilt services

This service is very specific and would not be available in any other type of transportation services. All of the services in Widmer equipped with professional furniture packer that have the skill to dismantle and rebuilt your furniture. It sounds a piece of cake, but it really save your time to hand it over the skillful person to do it.

In the case of moving a knocked down kitchen set, it should be re-assemble first before loaded into the trucking vehicle. Some parts that made of glasses should be carefully handled to prevent it from broken when it packed.

Additional packaging services

In the case you need a hand to support you pack all your materials before moving, and thenWidmer provided optional packaging services. It allows various types of boxes to fit different size of materials and category. A private thing like a collection of books and your favorite CD would be packed differently than television pack. Surely the packaging team would ensure everything into the standard material handling quality.

One of the premium services even offers with the guarantee to ensure all materials safely delivered in a proper way. This service also included the consultation with the professional relocation team member to discuss any concern. The dedicated team would give you an advice based on their experience managing relocation process. Most often, it serves many Switzerland surrounded cities such as Bern, Basel, Zurich, Thun, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Montreux and many more.